A simple example how High-Light can be used

Using High-Light is as simple as applying any other formatting on the styled text page. There is nothing fancy about it at all and you will soon appreciate how simple it can be to include code snippets on your webpages.

Write or paste plain text pasted into a styled text area
You start with writing or pasting some text on the page…

Select the text you want to high-light
…then you select the text that you want to High-Light…

Apply the wanted langage format
…apply a language format from the High-Light menu.

That is all it takes to have a piece of text/code formatted and high-lighted on your page. If you want to add/remove linenumbering from one particular high-lighted text that is also simple. Either mark all of the text again or just place the cursor inside the area and goto the “High-Light” menu and toggle the “Line numbers” option.

Below are two examples on how the code snippet above would render inside “Code” tags in the standard Aqualicious theme in RapidWeaver.

The result, without linenumbers
The result, without linenumbers…

The result, with linenumbers
…and with linenumbers.