Frequently asked questions

Q: Is WP-Blog compatible with RapidWeaver 4.0?
A: Yes, WP-Blog is designed to work fine with RapidWeaver 4.0. But if you should stumble upon a problem let me know.
Q: Why is the page sometimes shown in WordPress style?
A: You have not configured the Blog address in WordPress to point to your WP-Blog page. See step 2 in the guide inside the plugin.
Q: Can I have more than one WP-Blog page agains the same WordPress blog?
A: The answer is not so straightforward as a simple yes and no.

If you want more than one fully featured WP-Blog page then the answer is NO since WordPress is designed to use one front-end only.

But if you want to have a WP-Blog page showing just one or a few categories it can be OK. But keep in mind that all permalinks, comment links etc. will point to the WP-Blog page that is configured as front-end in WordPress. If you opt for a setup like this it is advisable that all WP-Blog pages use the same theme so that the user does not become too confused when he navigate through your blog pages.
Q: Can WP-Blog be used in Blocks?
This is not actively supported since WP-Blog depends on the possibility to add code both in the header and prefix part of the page. If you still want to try you may, at your own perish, enable Blocks to show unsupported pages and thus you can select a WP-Blog page. But by doing so all problems have to be resolved by you.