Customer testimonials

Here are some customers opinions about WP-Blog. If you don't know if WP-Blog is the right plugin for you these inspiring links might help you make up your mind. Each customers testimonial is linked to their site so you can check how they have used this plugin.

myRapidWeaver - SiteNews

"This Plug-In is absolutely fantastic. WordPress and RapidWeaver working together. Seamlessly in my own humble opinion."

Blog of Interrest

"Simple and effective integration with your Rapidweaver site and sparkling new Wordpress blog is swift and painless. In fact, there are so few steps, and those steps are so easy that I found myself convinced that wasn't all, I had missed some vital option that would break my site as soon as my back was turned."

David - Eclectic Planet

"There's a lot to learn about using WP. But having your plug-in so I can wrap it into my site is a tremendous boost."