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WP-Blog is a RapidWeaver pagestyle plugin that allows you to have a blog page that is powered by WordPress using stock RapidWeaver themes. It will only work with self-hosted WordPress blogs that resides on the same server as the main RapidWeaver site and not if you have a blog that is hosted at wordpress.com. It is also NOT yet another blogging software that allows you to post to your blog from inside RapidWeaver. There are plenty of good software for doing that already.


All you have to do to have a WordPress blog as part of your RapidWeaver site is to configure the features you want to enable on your blog and it will look just like the built-in blog in RapidWeaver. No modifications are needed to the RapidWeaver theme to take full advantage of WP-Blog (as long as it is a theme for RapidWeaver v3.6 or newer).

  • Seamless integration
    Your WordPress blog and RapidWeaver together. No need to tweak your RapidWeaver theme.
  • Simple configuration
    Just follow the few steps in the plugin and you will be up and running.
  • Add WordPress plugins
    Most of the third-party WordPress plugins that are available will work fine with WP-Blog. You can install Lightbox addons, SEO enhancments etc.
  • RSS feeds
    The RSS feed setup is fully customizable if the standard feeds are not enough.
  • Blog from anywhere
    - Blog from your computer using your browser or dedicated blogging apps like MarsEdit.
    - Blog from your mobile. If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch you can install WordPress for iPhone.
    - Blog by email. WordPress has built-in support for blogging by email. If you want more features you can look at the Postie plugin for WordPress.


WP-Blog has the same system requirement as RapidWeaver 3.6, i.e. it should work on any Mac, both PowerPC and Intel, running OS X 10.4 or greater.


WP-Blog is shareware that requires a license. By purchasing a license you will unlock the following demo limitations:

  • Your customized settings are not saved.
  • The WordPress header path is reset..
  • Publishing is disabled after 5 minutes.


If you are having problems registering WP-Blog check my support page.