Customer support

I try to answer all support emails within 24 hours during weekdays during daytime. During holidays I usually don't answer any support emails so if you submit a request during that time the answer will be sent after the holiday has ended.

Note: I am located in Sweden, Europe, which means that my timezone is CET (Central European Time).
Visit the Realmac forums
The Realmac forums is a huge resource of information about RapidWeaver and it's third-party plugins. There is also many helpful people there who can help you if you are having problems.
Read the plugin FAQ
I try to maintain a FAQ for each of my plugins. If you are having problems with one of my plugins please check the FAQ page for that page to see if your question has been answered.
Submit a support request
If you have tried everything else you can submit a support request. But try to make sure that you have tried all other means of solving your problem first. If you decide to submit a support request make sure that you are as detailed as possible. It takes time to handle support through emails so the more information you include in the first email the easier it will be for me to help you out.