Frequently asked questions

Q: It has gone 24 hours since I payed and I haven't received my license!
A: If you have payed with an eCheck it can take a couple of days until the transaction completes. Until I am notified by PayPal that the eCheck has cleared no license can be generated. If you didn't use an eCheck then please doublecheck your spam folder to see if the email was caught there. If not then contact me and I will look into it.
Q: How to register my commercial plugins
A: If you are unsure about how to register one of my commercial plugins then read and follow the steps here:
  1. Go to the store page located at the top of the page
    The registration process is powered by E-Junkie + PayPal, two trusted companies that allows you to purchase merchandise with and without a PayPal account.
  2. Add my plugin(s) to your cart and purchase securely
    Click on the "Add to cart" button to add the plugin to your cart. E-Junkie will then guide you through a secure transaction.
  3. Wait for the license email
    E-Junkie will confirm the payment and I will send you an email containing the license file. This email is normally sent within a few minutes, but depending on the type of payment, it may take longer (see the note about eCheck payment on the store page). Store this email in a safe place because you may need it if you reinstall RapidWeaver.
  4. Save the license file
    To register my plugin(s) you need to save the license file(s) you recieved to your harddrive. This file is attached to the registration mail you recieved and is called "Your_Name.lic".
  5. Open RapidWeaver
    Unless you already have RapidWeaver open you need to open it.
  6. Add a plugin page
    You need to have a plugin page in your RapidWeaver project to register my plugin. If you haven't got such a page already add one now by clicking on the + button and choose the plugin you want to register from the list.
  7. Open the setup in the plugin
    Select your plugin page and click on the "Setup..." button located to the right in the toolbar in my plugin to open the setup window and then select the "Registration" tab.
  8. Locate the license file
    Click on the "License..." button located at the bottom right in the registration tab. This will open a file open panel that allows you to browse through your filesystem and locate the license file. When you have located the file click "Ok" and your registration information should be shown in the license panel above the button.
  9. Enjoy all the features
    The plugin is now registered and all demo limitations are removed.