@stash examples

Sometimes it is hard to know how to use a piece of software without a helping hand, I know because i've been there. To give you a small helping hand to start off with @stash I have prepared some examples for you to download and look at. So if you are wondering how to use a specific feature in @stash take a look here and see if there is an example that shows how you can use it.

Download the examples

Start using the power of the @stash tag and the item uploading feature. This example shows you how to add content to a styled text page using the @stash tag and styling the content using CSS provided by another item that is uploaded to the webserver.

This example uses @stash in combination with Collage to create a simple donation page using PayPal buttons. The buttons are contained in @stash items and imported into the Collage page using the @stash tag. The benefit here is that if you want to make changes to the buttons, like changing the price etc. you can easily do so in @stash, instead of copying the code to an external editor (since the Collage textfield is small) make the change and paste it back. It has also attached page notes to each page to show how they can be used.

Note: You need Collage from YourHead to be able to open this tutorial.