Frequently asked questions

Q: Is @stash compatible with RapidWeaver 4.0?
A: Yes, @stash version 1.3 and greater works with RapidWeaver 4.0. But if you should stumble upon a problem let me know.
Q: I made a minor change to one item but it doesn't show when I import it on a page
A: If you make white-space changes to an item it will be discarded by RapidWeaver because when an item is imported with the @stash tag it applies the "Ignore formatting" property to the item. This causes RapidWeaver to not obey any white-space formatting and thus the change you have made will not appear.
Q: How does @stash appear in my project.

@stash appears as a pagestyle plugin in RapidWeaver even though it is not actually a page that will be published and visible on your website. By default it will be “disabled” so it will not end up being published. If you have selected to upload a few items the @stash page will be enabled but “hidden”. There are though a few times when it may end up visible:

  • You have made it your “Home page”. This page cannot be disabled/hidden in RapidWeaver.
  • You have enabled the @stash page manually. It will remain enabled util you click on the page again in the page list in RapidWeaver.