Ylink changes

0.9.6 nilrog

  • Added new arguments to option '-g' to control if progress information should be printed or not.
  • Added option '-c' which enables caching of systemsectors to speed up communication.
  • Enabled support for direct disk access in *nix.
  • Added constant for changing the name of the default playlist.
  • Added command 'free' to print disk usage.
  • Option '-s' has been enhanced so it is now possible to use more than one command together with this option.
  • Added new option '-g' which is special adaptations to printouts/input for a gui (includes '-s').
  • Special printouts with option '-g' added to commands, 'dir', 'put', 'plget', 'pldir'.
  • Removed some unwanted printouts with option '-g'.
  • Improved the yadl-file handling. Now you have to create the file first and then format the file before you can use it.
  • Bugfix in checking number of arguments with option '-s'.
  • Increased some timeouts in the USB interface, similar to the changes I made in the USB-DLL for MMC cards.
  • Improved calculating the 'start_offset' by skipping some "strange" LAME padding frames at the beginning of an mp3file which causes "blips" in the VS1001.
  • Bugfix in 'yadl_backup' for big endian cpu's.
  • Fixed wrong masking of 'start_offset' in 'put_song'.

0.9.5 nilrog

  • Added generic file upload function controlled by an ylf-file.
  • Added relocation of equalizer when extending wasteland.
  • Bugfix in 'put-natchar' for y3/u.
  • Added option to not dump playlist in command 'dump'.
  • Added command 'put-colorchar' for uploading character set for yampp3/u with color lcd.
  • Changed 'load_file' to not exit if file is not found, instead it returns a null pointer.
  • Rewrote 'pack-color-bmp' to not use a fixed number of bitmaps so that it is future compatible ;-)
  • Fixed calculation of free clusters in rootsector.
  • Fixed 'put-natchar' so that it is compatible with y3/u.
  • 'put-color-bmp' can now be forced to extend wasteland if last FAT is marked invalid.
  • Added automatic expansion of wasteland when uploading a binfile to wasteland (useful for yampp-7 with color lcd).
  • Changed 'pack-color-bmp' to be a normal command.
  • Moved the mp3frame parsing into a separate part so that it will be easier to extend it in the future.
  • When uploading a song that is already present and '-o' is not used, ylink no longer aborts the upload.
  • Made the source compatible with Mac OS X.
  • Added transfer speed measuring for put/get.
  • Added support for multiple DLL's in Windows.
  • Added support for using ylink against a YADL-file in U*ix instead of a physical yampp player.
  • Added two new commands 'backup' and 'restore'.
  • Changed ID3 library since the current library "sucked" :( The new library has better support for ID3v2 tags, and should support all available ID3v2 versions (hopefully).
  • Fixed code to fully work with Cygwin again.
  • A couple of minor bugfixes.
  • Improved the *nix transport layer.
  • Added support for inverting b/w logo.
  • Implemented updated firmware size check for *nix (Windows need to have an updated DLL for this function).

0.9.4 nilrog

  • Changed to fixed revision.
  • Added support for player logo, both 84x32 and 84x40.
  • Added support for national characters.
  • Added support for uploading color bitmaps.
  • Added support for creating color bin-file.
  • Made a minor change to the mp3frame counting.
  • Added reading from stdin for some commands and some specially formatted printouts.
  • Added possibility to specify number of songbase entries when formatting the disk.

0.9.3 nilrog

  • Added displaying of 'next playlist' in 'dump_playlist'.
  • Improved the detection of VBR mp3's.
  • Added a compile-time configurable warning when uploading a song with too many consequtive frames with a bitrate > 224 kbit (default).
  • Fixed bug when ylink was unable to extract artist/title info from the file.
  • Added retries when issuing 'x_enter_link' and when reading the rootsector. Now the original DLL should work much better.
  • Fixed playtime calculation of MPEG 2 & 2.5 mp3's. (Thanks to Uli for providing me with a nice testsuite ;-)
  • Added missing VC++ projectfiles to release zip-file.
  • Added 'pldir' command to list all playlists.
  • Fixed playlist parsing to also exclude CR for Windows.
  • Fixed a bug in the id3v2 library. Wrong return code was given if no ID3v2 tag was present.

0.9.2 nilrog

  • General code-cleanup.
  • Added bitrate info when dumping songbase.
  • Fixed another bug when checking if song exists.
  • Rewrote the function that checks if a song exists so that it is possible to easily check more things if needed.
  • Added missing check if no artist/title info was extracted from the file.

0.9.2b2 nilrog

  • Fixed bug when checking if song exists.
  • Added mp3frame parsing for bitrate, play_time and start_offset. (Works for both CBR & VBR since all frames are scanned).
  • Fixed bug when zero-terminating the artist/title strings for ID3v2 tags.

0.9.2b1 nilrog

  • Added firmware size check.
  • Added VC++ project for ylink.
  • Changed the transport part of ylink so that it uses the same interface as the Windows DLLs. If the 'original' DLLs from YamppLink are used some functions are removed.
  • Added check if song already exists on player.
  • Added parsing of ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 tags to ylink. (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/libid3)

0.9.1 jim

  • Fixes for yampp-3.
  • USB_BUFFERINFO no longer used to get sector size.
  • Sector size fixed to 512 bytes.
  • Modification to read playlists with no forward links.

0.9.0 jim

  • Initial release.