This is a modified version of ylink that was originally released by Jim Peters. It is a simple command-line tool equivalent to the yamppLink GUI software that Ulrich Behrenbeck wrote for Windows. ylink is released under the GNU GPL version 2, see license for details.

I originally started to write my own application to transfer files on/off my player. But since Jim was quicker :-) I decided to stop and instead use ylink as base for my modifications instead. For now ylink is almost all I need but it's very easy to transform it into something else if I should see the need.

There is also a GUI for ylink available now for those of you that are using Windows. The GUI is called e-Ylink and is coded in VB.net by Botosu.

Improvements over the original ylink:

  • Common codebase for Linux/Windows
  • Full support for Artist/Title information from ID3v1/v2-tags plus bitrate and playtime info. This includes CBR/VBR support and the playtime is correctly calculated for all kind of mp3's
  • ylink can detect if a song is already present on disk based on artist/title information (this can however be overridden)
  • Full support for graphical features (including the new color lcd for yampp-3/U :-)
  • Caching to improve performance for large disks
  • Printouts adapted for GUI
  • Some commands can accept input through stdin

Planned future improvements:

  • If there is time and inspiration...some secret features ;-)

This version of ylink supports OS X, Linux AND Windows. It contains a Visual Studio Project so that it can be compiled natively for Windows. For Windows you will also need the RdWr.dll's from yamppLink to access the player. It works both with the USB and the DirectDisk DLL that came with yamppLink. But to make best use of the DirectDisk DLL you need to download my slightly modified DLL since the original one pops up a MsgBox each time it connects to the disk. However, my DLL is fully compatible with YamppLink and can be used instead of the original one.

Note: The original DirectDisk DLL contains a nasty bug that will corrupt your yampp-disk if you write more than 4GB of music to the disk.

Note: A "bug" was recently fixed in the USB DLL by MIC. The problem was that you couldn't use any COM-port from COM10 and up with your yampp-player. The fix is included in version 1.3.5 of the DLL and included in the latest sources that you can download. I have also included the new DLL with the pre-compiled versions of ylink for Windows.

Please don't risk using this on your yampp unit unless you are willing to upload all the MP3s again if something goes wrong. I haven't had any problems, but I can't guarantee that you won't.

Bugs :-/

I hope I have caught most of them but should you find something that doesn't work ok, use the contact form or the yampp forum. I'm a regular visitor there and I will try and help you.