The end of an era…

show must go on

After 10 years offering plugins for RapidWeaver I have now decided to no longer continue to sell any plugins. It was a decision that took a long time to take but in the end I cannot continue keeping them updated in a timely manner for each RapidWeaver update. And due to that I no longer feel comfortable accepting money for my plugins.

I will therefor be removing the store from my website…but the plugins will still be available. And everyone who downloaded and bought a license can continue using them as long as they are working. I may at some point update them again, but that will be when I feel a need for it and have time to devote to them.

It has been a great time working with these plugins. I learnt a lot from them and made some friends online thanks to them…some who unfortunately no longer are with us. I know I helped a lot of people with these plugins, especially in a time when there were not so many alternatives available to what my plugins offered. Like storing snippets inside RapidWeaver…or blogging online without access to you Mac with RapidWeaver. These days there is a plethora of options available…so that also make the decision easier to step down.

So goodbye for now…and happy weaving! 🙂

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