The loss of Ed Brenner

If you are into RapidWeaver you probably know Ed Brenner, and by now you probably already know that he has passed away. Way to early in life and so quick 🙁

I wrote most of what is in this post in a reply to the RapidWeaver forum post where his passing is announced but I wanted to post it here too. If only to serve as a memory to me of a great man who I happened to stumble upon in the world of Internet.

I never really knew Ed, only from email, the forum and Twitter. He was always helpful and friendly. I remember my first contacts with him ~5 years ago. He gave me lots of good creative feedback already back then and since then he became a master of support and feedback to all of us. Ed was the bridge between technical guys like me and the everyday user who uses what we create.

I was very active in the RapidWeaver forum a few years ago but my precense has been sparse since then. Even though Ed didn’t have to he sent me pointers now and then to posts in the forum that he thought I might need to take a look at.

I knew from Twitter that he was ill but never to what degree. I remember thinking just a few days ago how he was doing. But then I saw a tweet from him. And now he is gone…but not from my memories :(

My deepest condolences to Ed’s family.

PS: Ed! I know you are in a great place now. Thanks for all the help you gave me. Rest in peace and someday I will meet you again. DS.

Larry (aka. SedonaDogg) wrote a nice eulogy about him over at his site:

Take a minute and read it. It says a lot about the man Ed was.

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

It is a sad day to wake up to here in Europe today:

Most of what I have put on this site would not have existed if it were not for Steve Jobs visions and Apple.

I didn’t use any Mac prior to early 90’s but that Macintosh LC my father bought opened my eyes. Then I had to step into the dark world until 2003 when I bought my first own Mac, an iBook G4 800. Which I still own and write code on 🙂

Today I handle most of my support here from my iPhone, a truly revolutionary mobile phone. My son, at the age of 2, could easily handle this device and start the games he enjoyed. Had it been an ”ordinary” mobile phone I dare say that he would not have been able to do that.

So Apple, and Steve, sure has given us a lot of great products. And I’m sure Apple will continue to do so without him. But there will not be the same RDF anymore.

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T minus 24 hours

…and counting…

Stay tuned for something special!

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Christmas vacation & the end of 2008

It’s the time of the year that we all long for every year, Christmas & New Year. I will be away for the rest of the year and will not be able to repond to support enquieries on a regular basis. So if you have sent me an email you might not receive a response until the beginning of 2009.

And don’t forget the Christmas promotion i’m running together with Watch their screencast about @stash, get a discount when you purchase @stash, and when you have purchased @stash you get another discount if you want to become a member @

And now over to…

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Grabben, var Àr du?

[lang_en]Some of you may have wondered where the heck I disappeared to so suddenly a few weeks ago. Some people have sent me questions by mail that have not been answered and i’m currently going through the backlog to see if there is anything I have missed. The reason behind my sudden disappearance is simple…[/lang_en]
[lang_sv]Undrar ni vart tusan jag tog vĂ€gen nĂ€r jag försvann sĂ„ plötsligt för nĂ„gra veckor sedan? En del har skickat frĂ„gor till mig via mail som inte har blivit besvarade och jag gĂ„r för nĂ€rvarande igenom min mailbox för att se om jag har missat nĂ„gonting. Anledningen till mitt försvinnande Ă€r enkelt…[/lang_sv]

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Ännu ett Ă„r

[lang_en]2007 is coming to it’s end and it has been a spectacular and interesting year and I know 2008 will be even more spectacular :)[/lang_en]
[lang_sv]2007 nÀrmar sig sitt slut och det har varit ett spektakulÀrt och intressant Är och jag vet att 2008 kommer att bli Ànnu mer spektakulÀrt :)[/lang_sv]

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TjÀna bonuspoÀng nÀr du handlar pÄ nÀtet

Brukar du handla ofta pÄ nÀtet? Vill du tjÀna bonuspoÀng pÄ det du handlar som du sen kan byta mot bonuspremier? GÄ dÄ med i 99bonus som ger dig bonuspoÀng varje gÄng du handlar hos nÄgon av deras samarbetspartners.

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CDON, Ginza, InkClub, Siba, Avis, Skype, Jamba och mÄnga fler.

Exempel pÄ bonuspremier:
Presentkort, Apple prylar, Ipod’s m.m.

99bonus – ett smart sĂ€tt att handla!

Ny lÀgenhet

[lang_sv]Vi har nu flyttat till en ny lÀgenhet i Uppsala. Det Àr en bostadsrÀtt pÄ 3 rum och ~70 kvm stor i Sala Backe ca 5-10 minuter frÄn centrum med cykel. Det Àr 3 veckor sedan vi flyttade hit och nu börjar vi sakta men sÀkert att fÄ sakerna pÄ plats. Fortfarande ÄterstÄr mycket men tack vare hjÀlp frÄn mina förÀldrar sÄ ser lÀgenheten ganska fin ut redan.[/lang_sv]

[lang_en]We have moved to a new apartment in Uppsala. We bought the apartment so we own it ourselfs and it is 3 rooms and ~70 m2 located in Sala Backe. It is 3 weeks since we moved here and we are slowly getting things where they should be. There is still a lot to do but thanks to help from my parents it looks very nice already.[/lang_en]

Första dagen pÄ nya jobbet

[lang_sv]I dag Àr den första dagen pÄ mitt nya jobb hos Generic Integration i Stockholm. Jag jobbar fortfarande i samma uppdrag som jag gjorde hos min förra arbetsgivare. Det stÄr nÄgra rader mer om det pÄ min personliga sida.[/lang_sv]

[lang_en]Today is my first day on my new job at Generic Integration in Stockholm. I’m still working with the same assignment as I did at my previous employer. There are a few more lines about it on my personal page.[/lang_en]

Jag har flyttat till Uppsala

[lang_sv]I dag Ă€r min första dag som Uppsala-bo. I gĂ„r lĂ€mnade jag ifrĂ„n mig nycklarna till min lĂ€genhet pĂ„ Frösön som jag har Ă€gt i 6 Ă„r. Det var lite vemodigt eftersom jag har bott 12 Ă„r i Östersund. Men nu bor jag för gott tillsammans med min fĂ€stmö och snart ska jakten pĂ„ en större lĂ€genhet börja.[/lang_sv]

[lang_en]Today is my first day as a citizen in Uppsala. Yesterday I gave away my keys to my apartment in Frösön which I owned for 6 years. It was a little bit of a sad moment because I have lived for 12 years in Östersund. But now i’m living for good together with my fiancĂ© and soon the hunt for a bigger apartment will start.[/lang_en]