RapidWeaver 7

A little Elf told me that RapidWeaver 7 was just released 🙂

I know some of you have been wondering if WP-Blog and @stash will work with RapidWeaver 7…and the answer is…yes, they should work. If you download the latest versions they should work just fine. And if you notice something that isn’t working as it should…just drop me a mail and I will look at it.

My website has fallen behind a bit lately…and it might look like my plugins are not updated anymore. And some of that is true…I haven’t done much to my website in the recent years. But my main two plugins have been updated for RapidWeaver 6…and they will/should work just fine with RapidWeaver 7.

As a helper…here are the links to the latest versions of both @stash and WP-Blog:

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stash v1.4b2 – The El Capitan edition

OS X El Capitan is now released into the wild. And here comes a new public beta of @stash for RW6. This release fixes a crash that could happen when you quit RW6. So it is a must to upgrade to this version if you are going to upgrade to El Capitan.


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RapidWeaver 6 plugins

Since I have not yet updated my website with versions of my plugins for RapidWeaver 6 i’m posting links to them here. The @stash version for RapidWeaver 6 still lacks some minor features that are present in the RapidWeaver 5 version. But the main features works fine.


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Stash and RapidWeaver 6

In my State of the Union I wrote that I would do my best to have a new version of Stash ready for the launch of RapidWeaver 6. Unfortunately I hit a few roadbumps so I did not make it. I’m sorry about that.

I have a version working but due to some internal changes it is not 100% ready. And it may take me a while longer to have it polished enough to release as a full version. It is mostly UI features that are not ready. The core functionality is working.

Due to the number of requests for a version that supports migration to RapidWeaver 6 i’m going to release a public beta that will allow you to make the transition. It will probably take me a day or two to get the beta in shape and document it’s limitations. So keep an eye open towards this blog or my Twitter stream. That is were you will hear about it first.

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State of the union…and RapidWeaver 6

Realmac Software has announced that RapidWeaver 6 will be made available on October 21st next week.

RapidWeaver 6 is a big leap forward and it will allow a lot of new magic stuff to be done. When it comes to third-party plugins this release requires new version of plugins to be released. Existing plugins will not work with RapidWeaver 6. But there will be a migration path for plugins so that existing plugins for RapidWeaver 5 will be migrated over to RapidWeaver 6 upon first launch, if the old plugins supports that.

I have been working for some time to update my plugins for RapidWeaver 6 and here is my status:

  • WP-Blog is almost ready. A new version for RapidWeaver 5 that supports migration will be available before the release of RapidWeaver 6.
  • @stash is currently work in progress. I will do my best to be ready before the release of RapidWeaver 6. But I cannot guarantee that it will be ready for the launch of RapidWeaver 6.
  • FlexibleList and High-Light have not yet been updated and I have still not decided if they will be updated.

So please stay tuned and watch this blog and my Twitter account for latest news about my plugins.

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@stash v1.3.3

A new release of @stash is now available for download. This version contains an important bugfix for some annoying crashes in RapidWeaver if you are opening and closing documents that uses @stash without restarting RapidWeaver. It also adds Sparkle support for users of the Non-MAS version of RapidWeaver. This update is recommended for everyone that is using @stash.

If you want to see the full list of changes you should check the changelog.

So go to the download page and get your copy of @stash v1.3.3.

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@stash v1.3.2

A bugfix release of @stash is now available for download. It contains a fix related to the upcoming RapidWeaver 4.2.2. This update is recommended for everyone that is using @stash no matter if you are using RapidWeaver 3.6.x or 4.x.

If you want to see the full list of changes you should check the changelog.

So go to the download page and get your copy of @stash v1.3.2.

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New store and price

I have decided to make some changes to my store and the way your orders are handled. Until now I have only relied on PayPal to do the processing. And while it has been working flawlessly there are some limitations to such a setup. Therefor I have decided to add E-Junkie to the process. This will give me some added benefits and it should also make your shopping experience better. At least when my next plugin WP-Blog also becomes available for purchase.

Since I have switched to E-Junkie I have also decided to change my pricing to US-Dollar only. So the sole new price for @stash will be $9.95.

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@stash screencast publicly available until 25/12

The team at SupportCasts.com have generously made the @stash screencast I posted about yesterday publicly available until 25/12. This means that you can now watch the screencast without beeing a member and see how you can use @stash before you decide to purchase it. A great offer made even better…

So if you have been thinking about buying a @stash license hurry up and watch the screencast before it goes away:

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@stash promo and screencast

Larry (aka ”Sundog” on the Realmac forum) which is one of the persons behind SupportCasts.com, has produced a screencast about my @stash plugin.

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