Oh no…but wait, it's Christmas…

Did you miss the special day discount? Fear not…it’s Christmas time 🙂

You can still get a discount for my plugins but not as much as yesterday. Use any one of these two codes and you will receive a 25% discount on all items. This offer is valid until the end of Christmas day CET.


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T-0…and here it comes…

Today is a very special day…i’m even more grownup than I was yesterday 😛 And to celebrate that I have lowered the price of my plugins to the amount of years i’m reaching today. And no, I will not tell you how much it is, use the discount code and do the math’s if you are just curious 😉

This offer is only valid 2010-12-19 CET, note the timezone. Once we hit 2010-12-20 here in central Europe the offer is gone.


PS: In case you are wondering about the state and future of my plugins…they are still working without any major problems with RapidWeaver 5.0. But i’m going to go through them all soon and fix some minor issues. DS.

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@stash screencast publicly available until 25/12

The team at SupportCasts.com have generously made the @stash screencast I posted about yesterday publicly available until 25/12. This means that you can now watch the screencast without beeing a member and see how you can use @stash before you decide to purchase it. A great offer made even better…

So if you have been thinking about buying a @stash license hurry up and watch the screencast before it goes away:

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@stash promo and screencast

Larry (aka ”Sundog” on the Realmac forum) which is one of the persons behind SupportCasts.com, has produced a screencast about my @stash plugin.

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Det är jul…

[lang_en]…to celebrate this and my birthday, which happens to be today, I have decided that from today until the end of christmas day, CET, there will be a special discount on @stash. During this week the already low price will be reduced with 20% so if you have been thinking about buying a license, now is a very good opportunity.

Head on over to the store and buy your license while this offer lasts…with the start of 2008 I will be making a small adjustment on the price tag for @stash in USD due to a falling exchange rate, unless it improves by then.

Buy your @stash license…[/lang_en]
[lang_sv]…och för att fira det och min födelsedag, som råkar vara i dag, har jag bestämt mig för att erbjuda en julrabatt på @stash från och med i dag till och med juldagskvällens slut, svensk tid. Under den här veckan kommer det redan låga priset att sänkas med ytterligare 20% så om du har funderat på att köpa en licens kommer nu ett ypperligt tillfälle.

Gå till min affär och köp din licens innan erbjudandet försvinner…när 2008 börjar så kommer jag att göra en liten justering på priset iför @stash i dollar pga. sjunkande dollarkurs, ome den inte hinner återhämta sig.

Köp en licens för @stash…[/lang_sv]

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