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The end of an era…

show must go on

After 10 years offering plugins for RapidWeaver I have now decided to no longer continue to sell any plugins. It was a decision that took a long time to take but in the end I cannot continue keeping them updated in a timely manner for each RapidWeaver update. And due to that I no longer feel comfortable accepting money for my plugins.

I will therefor be removing the store from my website…but the plugins will still be available. And everyone who downloaded and bought a license can continue using them as long as they are working. I may at some point update them again, but that will be when I feel a need for it and have time to devote to them.

It has been a great time working with these plugins. I learnt a lot from them and made some friends online thanks to them…some who unfortunately no longer are with us. I know I helped a lot of people with these plugins, especially in a time when there were not so many alternatives available to what my plugins offered. Like storing snippets inside RapidWeaver…or blogging online without access to you Mac with RapidWeaver. These days there is a plethora of options available…so that also make the decision easier to step down.

So goodbye for now…and happy weaving! 🙂

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RapidWeaver 7

A little Elf told me that RapidWeaver 7 was just released 🙂

I know some of you have been wondering if WP-Blog and @stash will work with RapidWeaver 7…and the answer is…yes, they should work. If you download the latest versions they should work just fine. And if you notice something that isn’t working as it should…just drop me a mail and I will look at it.

My website has fallen behind a bit lately…and it might look like my plugins are not updated anymore. And some of that is true…I haven’t done much to my website in the recent years. But my main two plugins have been updated for RapidWeaver 6…and they will/should work just fine with RapidWeaver 7.

As a helper…here are the links to the latest versions of both @stash and WP-Blog:

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Gone flying…

This is just a post informing you about a short interrupt in responding to support issues.

I will be unable to handle support request for about 1 week starting today. If you have urgent issues I recommend that you try asking in the RapidWeaver community forums. There are lots of helpful people there that might be able to assist you with your problem.

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Scheduled maintenance

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 8/10 CET, I will put this site into maintenance mode.

The reason for this is that I will transfer this site to a new webhost. And to avoid hiccups during the transfer I will take the current site down.

I expect that the actual data transfer to be done fairly quick so most of the time will be waiting for the DNS change to propagate.

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

It is a sad day to wake up to here in Europe today:

Most of what I have put on this site would not have existed if it were not for Steve Jobs visions and Apple.

I didn’t use any Mac prior to early 90’s but that Macintosh LC my father bought opened my eyes. Then I had to step into the dark world until 2003 when I bought my first own Mac, an iBook G4 800. Which I still own and write code on 🙂

Today I handle most of my support here from my iPhone, a truly revolutionary mobile phone. My son, at the age of 2, could easily handle this device and start the games he enjoyed. Had it been an ”ordinary” mobile phone I dare say that he would not have been able to do that.

So Apple, and Steve, sure has given us a lot of great products. And I’m sure Apple will continue to do so without him. But there will not be the same RDF anymore.

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Temporary site downtime

This site will be down for a while due to a server move. I decided to take this route instead of keeping the old site running to make the actual transfer easier.

I will try to keep the downtime as short as possible but it may take as long as a couple of days to get everything up and running again.

Support will hopefully still be possible through email as I will keep that route open. But if you have problems getting through you can also try contacting me on twitter.

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Oh no…but wait, it's Christmas…

Did you miss the special day discount? Fear not…it’s Christmas time 🙂

You can still get a discount for my plugins but not as much as yesterday. Use any one of these two codes and you will receive a 25% discount on all items. This offer is valid until the end of Christmas day CET.


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T-0…and here it comes…

Today is a very special day…i’m even more grownup than I was yesterday 😛 And to celebrate that I have lowered the price of my plugins to the amount of years i’m reaching today. And no, I will not tell you how much it is, use the discount code and do the math’s if you are just curious 😉

This offer is only valid 2010-12-19 CET, note the timezone. Once we hit 2010-12-20 here in central Europe the offer is gone.


PS: In case you are wondering about the state and future of my plugins…they are still working without any major problems with RapidWeaver 5.0. But i’m going to go through them all soon and fix some minor issues. DS.

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T minus 24 hours

…and counting…

Stay tuned for something special!

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Gone fishing…

Not exactly but it was a fun headline 🙂

This is just a post informing you about the current delay in responding to support issues.

For a while now I have not been able to
answer support requests as quick as I want. And this situation will remain for several more weeks.

The reason for this is that me and my family are moving to a new house which we have been building for a while. Between my dayjob and finishing this house there is not much time left for support unfortunately. But I do my best to prioritize the requests by putting purchase questions on top of the queue followed by urgent setup requests The other requests will be handled when time permits and that is mostly time consuming and hard to trackdown problems.

But rest assured that all these requests will be handled, at the very latest when we have finished moving which is in June. Until then I hope you can oversee that there are some delays for your requests.

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