Backing up your blog with WP-DBManager

Working backups is a must in our modern life. And backups should be easy to make too.

But most of us that have a self-hosted WordPress blog doesn’t think of backups. Or we may think of it but we usually look in the control panel of our webserver only to discover that taking backups is way to difficult.

If your blog is hosted with a big hosting provider they probably have some kind of backup system. But don’t bet on it. They may have backups but maybe not for all of your stuff. And/Or maybe not as often as you would like, etc. It might also be difficult to restore such a backup in case something happens since you are not in control of your backup.

The most important part to backup is your database. Never mind the actual WordPress software or all the third-party plugins. They can easily be downloaded and installed again. But if you loose your database then all that really matters is lost.

So what can be done about this…

WP-DBManager, a simple, yet powerful, WordPress plugin that lets you set-and-forget backups of your WordPress database. Using this tool, and an email account that allows large emails you can have your blog backed up in no time.

Here is a tutorial on how to install and activate this plugin so that your database is backed up:
The Perfect Hands-Free Database Backup

PS: As a sideeffect you will almost get a phpMyAdmin tool inside WordPress using this plugin. DS.

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