RapidWeaver 6 plugins

Since I have not yet updated my website with versions of my plugins for RapidWeaver 6 i’m posting links to them here. The @stash version for RapidWeaver 6 still lacks some minor features that are present in the RapidWeaver 5 version. But the main features works fine.


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WP-Blog v1.2.3

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.2.3.

Got an exception when publishing your WP-Blog page in RapidWeaver 6? Now is a good time to update :)

To see what is new in v1.2.3 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver 5.4 or 6.x and OS X >= 10.7.

Go grab your copy now…

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WP-Blog v1.2.2

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.2.2.

The return of the Sparkle updater release.

To see what is new in v1.2.2 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver 5.4 or 6.x and OS X >= 10.7.

Go grab your copy now…

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Stash and RapidWeaver 6

In my State of the Union I wrote that I would do my best to have a new version of Stash ready for the launch of RapidWeaver 6. Unfortunately I hit a few roadbumps so I did not make it. I’m sorry about that.

I have a version working but due to some internal changes it is not 100% ready. And it may take me a while longer to have it polished enough to release as a full version. It is mostly UI features that are not ready. The core functionality is working.

Due to the number of requests for a version that supports migration to RapidWeaver 6 i’m going to release a public beta that will allow you to make the transition. It will probably take me a day or two to get the beta in shape and document it’s limitations. So keep an eye open towards this blog or my Twitter stream. That is were you will hear about it first.

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WP-Blog v1.2.1

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.2.1.

This version fixes migration to RapidWeaver 6. This was unfortunately broken in v1.2.

To see what is new in v1.2.1 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver 5.4 or 6.x and OS X >= 10.7.

Go grab your copy now…

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WP-Blog v1.2

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.2.

This version is the Road to the future. When RapidWeaver 6 is launched for the very first time this version will automatically migrate over.

To see what is new in v1.2 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver 5.4 or 6.x and OS X >= 10.7.

Go grab your copy now…

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State of the union…and RapidWeaver 6

Realmac Software has announced that RapidWeaver 6 will be made available on October 21st next week.

RapidWeaver 6 is a big leap forward and it will allow a lot of new magic stuff to be done. When it comes to third-party plugins this release requires new version of plugins to be released. Existing plugins will not work with RapidWeaver 6. But there will be a migration path for plugins so that existing plugins for RapidWeaver 5 will be migrated over to RapidWeaver 6 upon first launch, if the old plugins supports that.

I have been working for some time to update my plugins for RapidWeaver 6 and here is my status:

  • WP-Blog is almost ready. A new version for RapidWeaver 5 that supports migration will be available before the release of RapidWeaver 6.
  • @stash is currently work in progress. I will do my best to be ready before the release of RapidWeaver 6. But I cannot guarantee that it will be ready for the launch of RapidWeaver 6.
  • FlexibleList and High-Light have not yet been updated and I have still not decided if they will be updated.

So please stay tuned and watch this blog and my Twitter account for latest news about my plugins.

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The loss of Ed Brenner

If you are into RapidWeaver you probably know Ed Brenner, and by now you probably already know that he has passed away. Way to early in life and so quick :(

I wrote most of what is in this post in a reply to the RapidWeaver forum post where his passing is announced but I wanted to post it here too. If only to serve as a memory to me of a great man who I happened to stumble upon in the world of Internet.

I never really knew Ed, only from email, the forum and Twitter. He was always helpful and friendly. I remember my first contacts with him ~5 years ago. He gave me lots of good creative feedback already back then and since then he became a master of support and feedback to all of us. Ed was the bridge between technical guys like me and the everyday user who uses what we create.

I was very active in the RapidWeaver forum a few years ago but my precense has been sparse since then. Even though Ed didn’t have to he sent me pointers now and then to posts in the forum that he thought I might need to take a look at.

I knew from Twitter that he was ill but never to what degree. I remember thinking just a few days ago how he was doing. But then I saw a tweet from him. And now he is gone…but not from my memories :(

My deepest condolences to Ed’s family.

PS: Ed! I know you are in a great place now. Thanks for all the help you gave me. Rest in peace and someday I will meet you again. DS.

Larry (aka. SedonaDogg) wrote a nice eulogy about him over at his site:

Take a minute and read it. It says a lot about the man Ed was.

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Gone flying…

This is just a post informing you about a short interrupt in responding to support issues.

I will be unable to handle support request for about 1 week starting today. If you have urgent issues I recommend that you try asking in the RapidWeaver community forums. There are lots of helpful people there that might be able to assist you with your problem.

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Scheduled maintenance

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 8/10 CET, I will put this site into maintenance mode.

The reason for this is that I will transfer this site to a new webhost. And to avoid hiccups during the transfer I will take the current site down.

I expect that the actual data transfer to be done fairly quick so most of the time will be waiting for the DNS change to propagate.

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