WP-Blog v1.0RC8

Unfortunately one of the changes I made in RC7 broke the WordPress header path calculation 🙁 Until I can fix the original (minor) problem I have reverted that change so you can continue to use WP-Blog. The regression affected new pages where you are trying to set the WordPress header path. If you are just re-publishing existing pages it didn’t affect you.

To redeem this I have also extended the lifespan of this beta with 2 more weeks so you can continue using this plugin for free until the mid of November.

If you have been testing WP-Blog I suggest that you grab a copy of this version. If you haven’t tested it yet now is a good time to start 🙂

What is changed:

  • Reverted: The RW page was sometimes marked as changed even if nothing was changed in the settings.
  • Minor changes to the UI.

Download link:
WP-Blog v1.0RC8

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  1. Carl skriver:

    I just gave your plugin a try… integration with my RW site was smooth.

    I do have one observation though… when a user leaves a comment, it leaves the RW site entirely and goes to the ”native” WP interface with whatever WP theme is installed. Is there a way to keep user commenting within the RW theme?


  2. Carl skriver:

    One other thing… if any permalink other than the default is specified in WP, the RW site shows ”Sorry, no posts found”.

    I may be a little dunderheaded here, so please pardon!

  3. Carl skriver:

    My first post… resolved. I paid a little more attention to the instructions (i.e install your modified theme, and set the base url path in WP). Sorry about that!

  4. nilrog skriver:

    You don’t need the modified theme to have comments show up in the RW theme. But you do need to set the URL in WP correctly, which is what you discovered 🙂

    For the permalinks to work you need to either update your .htaccess file according to what WordPress says when you define your permalink structure. Or you need to begin your custom permalink with ’index.php/’ (or whatever name you gave the WP-Blog page in RW to use PATHINFO permalinks).

    More information about the permalinks can be found on this page:

  5. nilrog skriver:

    Addition to the case of PATHINFO permalinks. It looks like the name of the WP-Blog page must be ’index.php’ for those to work without using a .htaccess rule.

  6. Carl skriver:

    Deeply appreciate the fine support. This is one really cool pluggin.

  7. houndish skriver:

    Been using your plugin since 1.7. Loving it so far, but a minor problem with the wordpress setup path. It seems to always revert to the ./../../wordpress directory. My wordpress is in ../wordpress.

    I have some custom css and when I publish, it can’t find the wordpress php. I have to manually edit the index.php to set the path correctly.

    Also, having some problems with it inheriting the color settings from my theme. I have to set them for this page by hand.

    Very nice tool. Keep me posted.

    Thank you so much for putting it together.

  8. nilrog skriver:

    It’s very difficult to help you based on the little information you provide. Why the path keeps reverting I don’t know. If your base url in RW is set up correctly and you paste the url from WordPressinto WP-Blog it should be ok and should not change. If, on the other hand, you have entered ’../wordpress’ manually then it might be that it does something wrong. Try entering ’./../wordpress/’ instead. I will check later what WP-Blog does incase you start the path with ’..’.

    As for the inheriting color settings. Are you saying that your color settings from WordPress is inherited in the WP-Blog page or is it something else? I don’t understand exactly what you are describing.

  9. houndish skriver:

    I was entering ../wordpress. I’ll download the rc9 and see what happens and I will try to enter ./../wordpress as well.

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait till the final version.

  10. Thank you for this information. 🙂

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