WP-Blog v1.0RC10

A new version of WP-Blog is now available. This version has a few minor changes and an extended beta period. Life has been rather hectic lately so I haven’t been able to wrap this up in the pace I wanted so i’m giving you a little longer time to play around with this.

If you have been testing WP-Blog it is strongly recommended that you grab a copy of this version. If you haven’t tested it yet now is a good time to start 🙂

What is changed:

  • Added support for Windows style absolute paths in the WordPress header path.
  • The header & footer can now be enabled either only on the main page or on all pages.
  • Misc. internal code improvments.

Download link:
WP-Blog v1.0RC10

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  1. Carl skriver:

    I noticed that when I install this release, it still shows up as version 1.0RC9 in RW. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

  2. Carl skriver:

    One other thing… it isn’t usable since it says ”Beta Expired”.

  3. Carl skriver:

    Fixed: I had to manually remove the old plugin in /Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/ and then reinstall the new release of the pluggin.

    Life is good now. Thanks!

  4. Sheena skriver:

    I just noticed that on the permalink pages of each entry, it reverts back to the standard Kubrick wordpress theme rather than the RW theme I’ve setup for the site. Any tips on getting the correct theme to display?

    http://www.uncivilized.me/blog/ < blog in question. lol.

  5. Sheena skriver:

    nevermind. lol. I figured out what the problem was, the Paginated Comments was causing the mischief. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME PLUGIN, btw. ^_^

  6. nilrog skriver:

    I see that both of you resolved your problems.

    Unfortunately I found a regression in this version late last night. The RSS feeds are not always generated in the sidebar. I hope I have time to fix this before I go away for a week on Thursday so stay tuned…

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