WP-Blog v1.0RC9

A few bugs have been discovered in WP-Blog lately so I need to push out a new pre-release version. Two of the bugfixes were critical and i’m grateful to those who helped me discover and troubleshoot them so they could be fixed.

If you have been testing WP-Blog it is strongly recommended that you grab a copy of this version. If you haven’t tested it yet now is a good time to start 🙂

What is changed:

  • Bugfix: If no RSS feed was enabled the linkpanel in RW would be broken.
  • Bugfix: Custom RSS feeds was not displayed correctly in the linkpanel.
  • Bugfix: Project files could not be opened if custom feeds was added.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few PHP errors in certain cases.
  • Bugfix: Improvments to how the WordPress path is handled.
  • Bugfix: Minor internal code improvments.

Download link:
WP-Blog v1.0RC9

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