FlexibleList v1.2.2

When I was working on a future release of FlexibleList I stumbled upon a bug. To be more precise it was a memoryleak. Since this future version is a long way from beeing finished and I don’t want my software out there for a long time with known bugs I have prepared…

FlexibleList v1.2.2 which adresses this particular bug…

What’s new in v1.2.2:

  • Bugfix: Fixed a memoryleak.

FlexibleList continues to be donationware and requires RapidWeaver >= 3.5 and OS X >= 10.4 (Works with RapidWeaver 4).

Note: This will be the last version that supports RapidWeaver v3.5. Future versions will require RapidWeaver >= v3.6.

Go grab your copy now…

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