WP-Blog v1.0RC13

The previous version was accidentally built as ”release” version with the demo limitations enabled. I’m sorry about that and I only discovered it after I had gone on our Christmas holiday otherwise I would have fixed it immediately.

If you have been testing WP-Blog it is strongly recommended that you grab a copy of this version. If you haven’t tested it yet now is a good time to start 🙂

Note: One of the changes in this version requires that you ”Restore settings” to fix the problem. This means that you will have to redo all you customizations.

What has been changed:

  • Feature: The ”Powered by” slogan can now be customized.
  • Bugfix: Some tooltips were not loaded correctly.
  • Bugfix: The ”comments” feed was declared incorrectly.
  • Improvments to the registration code.

Download link:
WP-Blog v1.0RC13

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  1. Andy skriver:

    Selector ’retain’ sent to dealloced instance 0x40dbe0 of class UNKNOWN.
    Break at ’-[_NSZombie retain]’ to debug.

    I get this when adding a wp-blog page. I am running RW 3.6 on 10.4

    I selected my custom theme and also a standard RW theme, same result.

    Any ideas?

  2. nilrog skriver:

    Never seen it before and no one else has so far seen this either. Could you send me the consolelog from when this happens so I can look at it?

  3. nilrog skriver:

    @andy I managed to boot into 10.4 and I can reproduce this. The problem will be fixed the the final version that will be released at the end of January.

  4. Alexa skriver:

    Hello there –

    I’m planning a website for a client and just discovered that you’ve built this plugin and am tremendously happy! I am wondering if you’re saying there is an issue if I should wait until end of January? I need to provide them with working drafts before that so am I ok to use the beta – without having to redo all the work? I don’t want to waste a lot of time if I’ll have to redo any customizations between this version and the final.

    Thank you *so* much for advancing this. You may see on a forum that I was very dismayed by the idea of having to choose one over the other (RapidWeaver vs WordPress) when both have such merit.


  5. nilrog skriver:

    The only known issue right now is that the plugin doesn’t work on 10.4. But this will be fixed in the final v1.0.

    Otherwise the plugin today is fully functional and sites made with this version will continue to work with the final version. Some new stuff will also be revealed when the final version surfaces.

    I too like both WordPress and RapidWeaver which is why I put this together. Mostly because I made my sites in RapidWeaver but wanted a better self-hosted blog but also because of the quality vs. price on themes for RapidWeaver vs. WordPress.

  6. Tim skriver:

    I’m using WP-blog v1.0RC13. When posting a comment to a blog post, you are taken to a page that uses a WP theme instead of the RW theme, thus breaking the ”illusion.” Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  7. nilrog skriver:

    Sounds like you haven’t reconfigured the Blog address setting in WordPress to point to your WP-Blog page.

  8. Tim skriver:

    That did it! Thanks! The plugin works great and I can’t wait ’til the final version!

  9. marian skriver:

    I tried this new version and the only one problem I have is the path from WordPress Setup.
    Because I test with it I instaled a WordPress (the wordpress folder) in a test folder on the server. So I need in the path of the plugin: ../../wordpress/
    But the plugin doesn’t like this path and it comes there everytime I change (and I must change): ./../../../wordpress/
    The only solution I found is to use the version 12 of the plugin.

  10. nilrog skriver:

    None of this has changed between RC12 and RC13 in the plugin so if you get different behaviour it is because your input is different . If you want the path to be ”../../wordpress/” then you need to put a ”./” in front of your path so that the input is ”./../../wordpress/”. Otherwise WP-Blog will try and calculate the path based on the WP-Blog page location compared to the WordPress location.

  11. Mike skriver:

    This is a wonderful plugin.

    I recently lost my entire website, and have to rebuild it. I’m using this as an opportunity to change blogging platforms, from RWBlog to WordPress via this plugin.

    So far EVERYTHING has worked smoothly – I love being able to use my site’s theme AND WordPress plugins!

  12. Grant Davis skriver:

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  13. fush skriver:

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