Gone fishing…

Not exactly but it was a fun headline 🙂

This is just a post informing you about the current delay in responding to support issues.

For a while now I have not been able to
answer support requests as quick as I want. And this situation will remain for several more weeks.

The reason for this is that me and my family are moving to a new house which we have been building for a while. Between my dayjob and finishing this house there is not much time left for support unfortunately. But I do my best to prioritize the requests by putting purchase questions on top of the queue followed by urgent setup requests The other requests will be handled when time permits and that is mostly time consuming and hard to trackdown problems.

But rest assured that all these requests will be handled, at the very latest when we have finished moving which is in June. Until then I hope you can oversee that there are some delays for your requests.

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  1. Joseph White skriver:

    Fishing is a nice sport and it is a good past time too. I enjoy fishing specially during weekends..-:

  2. Mia Harris skriver:

    fishing is an enjoyable hobby and a great past time.~;:

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