WP-Blog v1.1.4

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.1.4.

This version contains one critical bugfix for users of the Mac Appstore version of RapidWeaver 5. If you have been using this version of RapidWeaver and WP-Blog caused it to crash then you need this version.

But that is not all…there are a lot of other bugfixes and new features in this version.

To see what is new in v1.1.4 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver >= 3.6 and OS X >= 10.4 (Works with RapidWeaver 4.x and 5.x).

Go grab your copy now…

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  1. […] I finally figured out how to get wordpress working with RapidWeaver (thanks to WP-Blog). So this is what I shall use I may look around at some cool wordpress plugins but probably not. I […]

  2. Urbanchickenuk skriver:

    I’ve been trying to find a solution for enabling me to update our web sites blog using my iPad and iPhone I think this may be the way? Would this plugin be fully functional with the wordpress iPad and iPhone app if I used it for my blog on my page?I wanted to sort this out before I make my site go live. Looks like a really impressive plug in and all the reviews suggest it is as good as it sounds.

    • nilrog skriver:

      Short answer:

      Long answer:
      The only thing this plugin does is to make it easy to integrate your WordPress blog with your RapidWeaver designed website. This means that all the aspects of administrating and writing on your WordPress blog will be just as if it was just a standalone WordPress powered site/blog. So you can use the WordPress app for iOS as well as many other third-party apps for other platforms to update your blog.

  3. Mike H. skriver:

    Loving your plugin!

    I’ve successfully integrated upthemes.com FB Connect plugin to allow login via Facebook. . .my only question/request –

    Can you pretty pretty please add a widgetized area in the header or footer of the posts? This way we can easily have a Facebook ”Like” widget added to every post. Among other things 😉

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