WP-Blog v1.1.6

It’s time to update to WP-Blog v1.1.6.

This version contains a bugfix for the tag separator in the blogpost.

To see what is new in v1.1.6 check out the changelog.

This is a free update and requires RapidWeaver >= 3.6 and OS X >= 10.4 (Works with RapidWeaver 4.x and 5.x).

Go grab your copy now…

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6 kommentarer till “WP-Blog v1.1.6

  1. evol skriver:


    I’ve been getting this error message when trying to setup new categories and uploading pics to posts:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function auth_redirect() in /home/content/97/8098597/html/wordpress/wp-admin/admin.php on line 66

    What does it mean?

  2. evol skriver:

    yes, I had to reinstall because I got the white screen of death

  3. Chuck skriver:

    How about WordPress 3.2.1? Does WP-Blog latest version work ok. Running Rapid Weaver 4 and OSX Lion.

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