WP-Blog v1.1 is here

It is finally time for a new version of WP-Blog that not only focuses on bugfixes. This time I have added a few interresting features too.

I also got a bunch of good feedback from my beta testers so this version contains a bunch of vital bugfixes too so even if you are not interrested in the new features you should grab this update.

Note: Don’t forget to read the full changelog.

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Small status update for WP-Blog

It’s still summer but i’m back from my vacation now and i’m currently preparing the next release of WP-Blog. This will be a major update featurewise that will satisfy many of the requests I have received since the first release. Until then i’m going to share with you a couple of known issues with the current version v1.0.2 that I hope to be able to adress in v1.1.

Known issues:

  • The URL in the ”base href” tag is incorrect for users with RapidWeaver >= v4.2 due to an API change. This causes some RapidWeaver generated links to become incorrect.
  • The sidebar feed links all points to the main feed for some users, i.e. the comments feed points to the rss feed.
  • WP-Touch cannot switch to ”normal” mode anymore. It still works fine in ”mobile” mode, as you can see on this blog.
  • The automatic calculation of the relative path to WordPress from the WP-Blog page can sometimes generate an incorrect relative path.

The issues are listed in order of severity. Some may disagree on that but my main focus is to fix the ”core” functionality.

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Summer vacation

It’s time for the summer holiday starting today during the next two weeks. This means that I will not be able to handle support issues as quckly as I normally do.

If you have urgent issues getting one of my plugins to behave properly please try and ask in Realmac Software’s excellent support forum.

I will try to handle license issues during my vacation but the response time may be a little longer.

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Away on vacation for a week

I will be away for short one week holiday starting tomorrow. During this period I will most likely not be able to handle any support or license issues since i’m running this by myself. If you have urgent issues getting one of my plugins to behave properly please try and ask in Realmac Software’s excellent support forum. There are many knowledgable gurus there that might be able to help you out until i’m back. For license issues I hope you can wait until the first weekend in May when i’m back again. Until then I won’t be able to do anything.

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@stash v1.3.2

A bugfix release of @stash is now available for download. It contains a fix related to the upcoming RapidWeaver 4.2.2. This update is recommended for everyone that is using @stash no matter if you are using RapidWeaver 3.6.x or 4.x.

If you want to see the full list of changes you should check the changelog.

So go to the download page and get your copy of @stash v1.3.2.

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WP-Blog v1.0.2

It’s time for WP-Blog v1.0.2 to hit the street. It should have been out a couple of days ago but the server where my site is hosted has been a bit down lately.

This release is mainly a bugfix release but there is one new feature added that some of you have been asking for.

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Away on businesstrip

I will be away for a quick 3 day business trip starting tomorrow 8/2. If I can get access to WiFi during the trip I will be able to handle limited support during these days (and I will prioritize license problems). If I can’t find a WiFi spot all support issues will have to wait until I’m back in the middle of the week.

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WP-Blog v1.0.1

A small bug was introduced in the registered version of WP-Blog. Some of the settings were not saved properly. I have fixed this in v1.0.1 but it requires that you perform a ”Restore settings” in your WP-Blog page and apply your customizations again to fix the problem.

But that is not all that was adressed in this version…

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WP-Blog v1.0 – The countdown is over

Say hello to WP-Blog v1.0!

WP-Blog will make it easy to add a WordPress blog in your RapidWeaver designed site. Just add a WP-Blog page, configure the WordPress location in the page, configure WordPress for split blog/WordPress URL, publish and you are done. There is no need to make any adjustments or tweaks to the theme, as long as you are using a RapidWeaver theme that has been designed for v3.6 or newer. When you are done no one will notice that the blog on your site is not the built-in blog in RapidWeaver.

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1…iPhone optimized blog

For some time now I have been serving a special optimized blog to visitors using an iPhone/iPod Touch or other supported mobile devices. The great thing is that this is a feature that is supported by WP-Blog using a third-party plugin in WordPress and the setup is really painless.

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