FlexibleList v1.1

It’s time for a major update to FlexibleList today that extends it’s flexibility even further. You are now able to create styles complete with javascript and images, and put information directly in the page header etc.

The custom variables are now supported in almost every editable field in FlexibleList. There are still some limitations but if a variable isn’t supported it will not be converted so your should be able to easily see if it worked or not.

The UI has also seen it’s share of evolution, although it may not always be so obvious. If you feel that the item list or the content fields are too small when you are editing them you can now collapse the part of the splitview that you don’t want to see. Just drag the splitter towards the end that you want to hide and it will go away until you drag it back. FlexibleList also has full support for drag&drop between projects and copy&paste of items.

Just to get you started with the new styles I have bundled two updated styles with FlexibleList, Smooth Scroll and Tabifier. These styles have been updated and are now fully standalone so you just have to apply the styles to your page and they will work (unless there are some javascript conflict with other scripts on your page/theme). There is no longer any need to manually add the needed javascripts to the FlexibleList page.

If you want to now more about what has changed go and read the changelog. And be sure to read the user manual as it has been updated with this release.

FlexibleList continues to be donationware and requires RapidWeaver 3.5.x and OS X 10.3.9.

Go grab your copy now…

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