WP-Blog v1.0RC12(.1)

A new version of WP-Blog is available again. If you are confused about the version number, don’t worry 🙂

The reason I am releasing version 1.0RC12.1 instead of just version 1.0RC12 is that v1.0RC12 was seeded to a selected group to test the Sparkle implementation. And due to other reasons it was later never seeded to the public so I decided to add a few more changes and release it as v1.0RC12.1 instead of skipping directly to v1.0RC13. Sounds crystal clear doesn’t it 😉

I am getting closer to releasing the final version but some things have come up that has prevented me from doing so before christmas. So the target is now to have this ready by the end of January next year. So for now you can continue to play with WP-Blog free of charge with all functionality enabled and no limitations at all. But be prepared for some surprises when the final version is released…

If you have been testing WP-Blog it is strongly recommended that you grab a copy of this version. If you haven’t tested it yet now is a good time to start 🙂

What is changed:

  • WP-Blog is now distributed as a DMG
  • Added some WordPress snippets to the DMG.
  • Added support for Sparkle auto-updating if you are using a recent version of RapidWeaver 4.2.
  • Improvments to the registration code (still not activated).
  • Tooltips added to most of the controls.
  • Misc. code improvments and bugfixes.
  • Extended beta period.

Download link:
WP-Blog v1.0RC12(.1)

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  1. marian skriver:

    Very nice indeed. It is a big improvement between http://nilrogsplace.se/tutorials/wordpress/index.html and this plugin.

    I gave a try for a project I want to make for somebody and I am impressed.

    Anyway I have some questions:
    1. Can you also include the Login/admin link and the blogroll?
    2. You give the possibility to have ”own” translations for some items (navigation, comments etc). Is it a possibility also for the WordPress credit. It is not very nice a”Powered by” into a site with another language.

    3. I have some problems with Setup/WordPress Setup. The path I gave ”remains” not as I gave it. Often it cames back to ”./../wordpress/” With this setting the page will be not shown. But if I set http://domainname.net/folder/wordpress/ and I publish right away the WordPress page will be shown.
    Sometimes I find in this field also some other settings. As example, now I have there ”./ADAE8783/” and I am sure that I saved the file with the setting ”http://domainname.net/folder/wordpress”
    Is this inconsistence only because the plugin is in ”demo” mode?

    Thank you again for this nice plugin!

  2. nilrog skriver:


    1: The current style is meant to be a replacement for the built-in blog in RapidWeaver so that the enduser doesn’t have to do any handcoding to have it blend in with the theme. Therefor the WordPress blogroll/admin sidebar has been left out. But if you want to have it you can use the styled sidebar in RapidWeaver and use the links for the WP-Blog page that is available in the linkpanel in RapidWeaver to create a similar sidebar.

    2: I will look into this soon. Hopefully before the final version is out.

    3: It appears the this version was built WITH the demo restrictions active, As such the WordPress header path will be reset to a random value everytime you reopen the project. This was not meant to be active until the final version is available and I will remove it as soon as i’m back from my vacation.

    Thank you for your comments and feedback 🙂

  3. pierrohhh skriver:

    hey first i would like to say great work even tho i have not yet tried your plugin. i dont know why the usermanual doesnt work. sends me to a google page and i cant go in the login 🙁

  4. Jakko skriver:

    There is something I noticed with the feeds (or it could be that I don’t really get it): all the preset options seem to link to the same (0.92?) feed, no matter which one you choose (easily fixed by adding a custom feed btw.).
    Also the feed links on this site have the same issue, the RSS 2.0 feed is the same as the Comments feed.

    Otherwise the plugin makes my life so much easier, you can count on my money when the final is released.


  5. nilrog skriver:

    The user manual isn’t ready yet which is why it was not published. I have now published a document that says that it will be ready end of January.

    I have found and corrected a fault with the comments feed in RC13 (soon to be announced) but I can’t see any problem with the other feed types. But I will check it again.

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